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For the past five years, UA3 has been making great strides in supporting disadvantaged students, adults and nonprofits through the digital technology, mental health advocacy services and providing funding to the nonprofit organizations. Now, UA3 has joined the COVID –19 fight with our elected officials and community partners. We need your donation to sustain this ongoing effort.

Join UA3 in Improving

Education for All

Watch UA3 President Don Hong at the United Way NYC Gala

What is the Digital Divide?

UA3 is changing lives for the better.

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Meet our Founders

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UA3's Technology-Rich Learning

We Enhance Educational Outcomes through the Application of Appropriate Technology and we put Learning First.



Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams  

and Non-Profit UA3 Join Forces to Support

Early Education

Science shows that 80% of brain growth happens by the age of three! UA3 utilizes a proven system of five fun, simple, and powerful ways to help all our children from birth to 3 years old grow to be happy and smart.

Making A Difference



Preparing our Youth for the Future

Build a foundation of technological skills and digital thinking that will be learned in Pre-K and last a lifetime. Tech will be a utility for the future...for work, life, play...and for supporting lifelong learning.   


One Step at a Time

UA3 is working closely with the Bronx United by integrating advanced technology into their innovative after-school program to support their incredible track record of success. 

Helping Talented People Succeed

Acquiring the technology skills and mindset for the digital workplace is critical in the 21st Century.  Talented workers need more than motivation, they need the right skills and tools to create a lifetime career of meaningful and important work.

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