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Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Augmented Reality and VR, High-Res 3D Imaging, Cyber Security, Space Travel, High Speed Transportation, Machine Learning, Renewable Energy, Smart Buildings, Driverless Vehicles, Human-Machine Partnerships...the list goes on for the new technologies that we can comprehend now. The future will bring hundreds of thousands of new, technology-based resources and jobs that we cannot yet imagine.

The word is DISRUPTION. It won’t just be unskilled workers and jobs that are disrupted. Knowledge work, including consulting, marketing, design, law and finance, is poised for a true revolution.  We are going to see a great disruption in the workplace to rival those at the adoption of earlier technologies. The printing press, the library, the steam engine, the railroad, the light bulb, the electrical grid, the automobile, the highway network, the transistor, the personal computer, the Internet, the cell phone, on and on...have all changed the workplace and working forever. The future will hold even more disruption for those who are not Digitally Literate. 

“Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living."

Nicholas Negroponte - Founder and Chairman Emeritus of MIT's Media Lab


Dell Technology believes that "for the first time ever there will be four generations in the workplace, and all must be prepared to interact effectively with technology."


“While there may be moments of uncertainty, it’s imperative that we as leaders keep our workforce engaged, excited and open to new possibilities,” says Liz Matthews, Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Creative at Dell Technologies. “Empowering and enabling people across our diverse workforce is crucial to succeeding.”

UA3 agrees. The only way to be prepared for this coming integration of technology into everyday life, work and play will be to start early.  That is the UA3 mission, we work to integrate technology into the lives of kids, and adults too, as early as we can.  Tech is a skill set that will last a lifetime and prepare our communities to prosper in the 21st Century job market.

We are here to help talented people succeed.  Acquiring the technology skills and mindset to enter today's and tomorrow's digital workplace and succeed is critical in the 21st Century.  Talented workers need more than motivation, they need the right skills and tools to create a lifetime career of meaningful and important work.

Join us. Donate. Partner. We have a foundation of technology resources to help our communities grow and prosper. From Pre-K through a Lifetime of Learning, UA3 is the leader in Crossing the Digital Literacy Divide. 

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