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Youth Leadership Development

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In addition to the help of our regular volunteers, we are so excited to welcome a group of young volunteers (ages 10 to 15) from the Youth Community Club, a youth group of Chinese Coffee Club, to help out at our pantry. 

Each week, a group of 8 youth volunteers, accompanied by two parents who help coordinate the logistics, rise up early to drive all the way from Westchester, NY to our lower Manhattan location. These young volunteers work tirelessly and swiftly to help sort, bag, and prepare food packages to meet the schedules for pick up and deliveries by other volunteers and other community organizations.    


Support the work of the Community First Food Pantry by donating here:  

Federal Tax ID 47-4803090

100% of the proceeds donated through this link will be devoted to the operation costs of the food pantry.  

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law

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