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Helping The Community

"When you work in tech support, you feel like you are tied to a family. 

You feel like you are a part of something really big."

Alex Popa, Tech Support Expert

UA3 understands the critical nature of ​helping people with the basics of computing and networking. The technology is not easy: it takes a dedicated and knowledgeable team to get it all working and to keep it working to serve the students, faculty and staff at our UA3 project sites. 

Tech support is the missing link in too many technology initiatives. Even with the best intentions, the UA3 team knows just giving away computers is not going to solve the digital literacy divide.  It's more; it's an ongoing, day-by-day ability to assist our communities to get and properly integrate the correct tech into their schools, home and community.


Our incomparable UA3 Tech Clubs will be built and expanded at each site to provide a foundation to guide and manage the technology for the long term.  From the simplest reboot to the most complex issues, the nation of UA3 Tech Clubs across the country will be available, depending on class schedules and time zone, to help their partners next door and around the world.

But this is no joke. It takes a talented team of dedicated people with high tech skills who are available for face-to-face and online contact with users.  This is exactly what UA3 has implemented this again and again to get their projects up and running quickly. 

At the same time, by utilizing the UA3 club members they are learning an incredibility valuable skill. A skill that will last a lifetime and potentially a very rewarding career.


Reliable, effective and efficient technical support is the basis of a well-running computer and network system that leads to increased productivity, reduced costs and improved educational outcomes.  And who is better prepared with the knowledge and skills to get and keep tech working?  

Young, smart students who work with this everyday. That's the core of our UA3 Tech Clubs.  They work directly with the local students, faculty and staff on the UA3 program with the network connection to reach out to every UA3 project site

That is a unique and exciting differentiator.  UA3 is the leader in tech support to bridge the digital literacy divide.

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