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About the Chinese Coffee Club, ACUC, & Youth Community Club

The Chinese Coffee Club is a network of more than 1,000 Chinese Americans. Most are first generation professional immigrants in NYC.

During the start of COVID-19 pandemic, they organized a notable donation campaign by forming the ACUC (American Chinese United Care) alliance. In a very short time, since March, they raised a whopping $5.8 million worth of cash donations and PPE supplies to assist greater New York. The ACUC alliance is comprised of 159 Chinese American organizations, alumni organizations, and small businesses. 

An ACUC founder, Ms. Angelene Huang, launched the Youth Community Club with a goal to raise the next generation of Chinese Americans with more social responsibility.

UA3 is grateful that Ms. Huang connected with our pantry to offer their help and created this wonderful opportunity for our youth to participate in community service.

To learn more about The Youth Community Club, 青少年社务俱乐部, a youth group of Chinese Coffee Club, 华人咖啡俱乐部, please visit:

Helping Talented People Succeed

Our mission is to move our city forward in times of need and even in times of plenty.

The Chinese Coffee Club 

youth community club 

next generation incolve in community service

10-15 years old

has been graciosuly coming all the way from Westchester to help our cause. 

The group name is Youth Community Club, 青少年社务俱乐部,a youth group of Chinese Coffee Club.


help at the pantry bringing 

inspired middle and high school kids,

at least 8 kids at a time 


bringing the next generation of change makers, these inspired middle and high school kids have been volunteering their time at our pantry. We are grateful for their continued support.